Spring Cleaning/Bardi Is My Hero

Hi guyssss!!

So, I'm gonna keep this short. It's that time of year to get your cleaning game poppin'. I recently did some spring cleaning in my hard drive and was impressed by my old works. So much so, that I'm over here thinking why the hell did I stop? What was I so afraid of? Why did I get discouraged so easily? Shit didn't make sense to me, after the fact. I can only image what I was thinking in those moments, but looking back, I was definitely buggin'. I'm happy I see my worth as an artist now, but before, I didn't know that to call myself. I couldn't even take myself seriously to be real. Listen to me go back and tell some stories about why I should've never stopped believing in myself. Hopefully it reminds you to never stop believing in yourself too. 

Stay Blessed Everyone!!