You Don't Gotta Listen To Me, Ep. 1

What's good guys?

Long time no speak. How are you? How's life? How's the kids?

Just wanted to introduce you all to something fake new. Now, I too have a damn podcast called You Don't Gotta Listen To Me, and I mean that. The podcast will be centered around spreading positivity, and just talking about any seemingly important topics I want to expound my thoughts on. It's just me, nobody else. So, basically it's like a long voicemail, but ultimately, I want to be apart of the movement of encouraging our community. We are in for some dark ass times ahead, and we're going to need more and more of our support. And you know what I mean by "our." So yea, if you're not doing anything and you feel like listening to me talk for 20 mins, then by all means press play. Just remember, you don't gotta listen to me.