You Don't Gotta Listen To Me, Ep. 2

What's good guys?

I'm over this week already, I'm not even gonna front. Heard that someone I knew of and have been in multiple run ins with committed suicide, and it's put a spirit of sadness over myself, Leslie and a good amount of my friends at the moment. Just last week I was telling you guys that we only live once, and to live your best life for you, but some people have real ass demons that a human being's words can't fix.  

My homegirl Susy was telling me that she had spoke to the guy who passed fairly recently, giving him words, upon words of encouragement. He was severely depressed apparently, seeking social acceptance and whatever the hell else that had him feeling like he didn't need to be here anymore. I recorded this episode prior to hearing of him passing, which is wild because it's mainly about removing yourself from the things that don't benefit you. So, this episode is dedicated to Daniel Gray who also goes by HooliganRadGuitar5. He was not a friend of mine, not even an associate, but his death affected me more than I expected. This episode is also for everyone who's been trying to figure out how to cleanse themselves and simply forgot that the power to do that lies within you.

Know that you have a choice though, you don't gotta listen to me.