You Don't Gotta Listen To Me, Ep. 4

What's Good Guys?

Good Morning.

After a week of recharging, we're (I'm) back in the building! Beautiful things are going on, but it's just taking a wild toll on my mental and physical. The month of March tends to do that to me, and I see I'm not the only one. The end of this month has definitely been better than the beginning, so it's all good.

This episode was recorded last week in hopes to be put out last week, but we know how that goes sometimes. Interestingly enough, I've had a couple of conversations pertaining to the topic that I'm discussing in this episode within this past week. What I'm discussing is basically stop looking for love and love yourself. I know, coming from the nigga in a relationship, but that's exactly what I was doing before Leslie came a long. So, yea. I'm talking a whole bunch of other shit as well because I like to talk, but hear me out. You already know though, you don't gotta listen to me.