You Don't Gotta Listen To Me, Ep. 6

Hola amigos.

I hope everyone is chillin' on this fine afternoon. I'm not currently, but the day's not over so I have time still. I got episode 6 locked and loaded for y'all and in this episode, I'm talking about protecting your dreams and aspirations in whatever way bests suits you, but at the same time not do calculate your movements based on what negativity people might bring towards you and your dreams. There are a lot of people who have jumped over that hump and have been able to move wisely through the hoards of haters while accomplishing their goals, but then there are others who haven't grasped the concept of simply, "fuck the haters." So yea, if you'd like, go ahead and listen to me talk my shit on that topic and please, enjoy the rest of your day. 

The song on the intro and outro is by my love Heart Les (the heart is silent), entitled "Wrong Day."