You Don't Gotta Listen to Me, Ep. 7

What's going on good people?

It's Friday evening, and a lot of you niggas are looking for plans for the night. I had plans too until my husband dubbed me. Lol, it's all good though, there was a fantastic reason behind said dubbage. For anyone that will be like me  and is just going home to relax and eat, I might have something you'd want to listen to while eating and relaxing. 

In this episode I'm addressing something we all do, and that is take shit personally when we don't need to. I give some examples of what taking thing personally looks like, and just talk about how being aware, and knowing oneself will keep you from reacting in that manner going forward. 

If you're now interested, do yourself that favor and hit play: 

Also, I've started doing this thing where I use songs from underground/new artists as my intro and outro. If you or anyone you know would like your song played on any future episodes, send it in to chin@ordinarychin.com. This episode I'm playing MAK.'s debut song, "Fly."